Expansion is a big word…full pun intended! It is totally the appropriate word for the physically immortal. Having generated such a tremendous momentum of living, we face no choice other than to continue in that momentum. I suppose we could just stop. But when you think about it, stopping is really shrinking. And eventually, you shrink to nothing which is death. Since smallness and expansion cannot coexist, we must see the big picture. And what is the big picture?

Ending death is the big picture. And with that comes more…. more money, more living, more joy, more freedom, more health and more people who share the same value of human life.

Despite the fact there are many who have convinced themselves that they don’t need others, I know there are those who do. To reach out, without hesitation, shattering the silence of death saves lives. I have gone from dying a slow death to living an unlimited life. This is true for us all. It took another to help me recognize who I am…unique and different from the rest. So I must expand and express to others about my life. To do anything less would be selfish. After all, those who can hear me are the ones I am looking for and we need each other….to expand.