I am physically immortal. It's a simple thing to say and for me a simple thing to feel. Living without death at the end of my life is a beautiful thing. What is not beautiful or simple is the duality that haunts me sometimes, threatening to overthrow my perfect manifestation of a body free from death now. Duality is the result of an old imprint in the body from death-oriented people, a pre- physically immortal condition. I cannot let a trace of it remain and reap the best results in my life. For the first time in human evolution the possibility exists to change that condition - death and duality are no longer inevitable.

Physical immortality is not a destination, it is moment by moment creation. It takes energy, focus and consistency. When I practice these qualities I experience great joy and love for myself . Everything I do in my daily life produces results that impact my wellbeing. I cannot mentally change imprints from the past, I cannot think my way to greater self-esteem and acceptance, I have to change behaviors. I'm so happy that together we are getting in touch with what builds a physically immortal body and what tears it down. Physical immortality is our true state of being, but our daily behaviors dictate whether we stay true to ourselves and manifest that reality. I am grateful that every moment is a new opportunity to move free. I may have been stuck yesterday or a moment ago but right now I can stir myself to be the best I have ever been. I can forgive myself for every moment I have lost to duality and move quickly to be fresh and new. I can do this because I am not alone in this world, I am nourished by my connection with many other physically immortal people. Together we are inspiring each other to live to our highest potential, to see forever in each new moment.