Did you know there are people on the planet that are living forever? Those who declare it is not acceptable to stop…to not be held hostage by the limitations of their own concepts and thoughts. Champions fighting fiercely against doubt as it works to vanquish the spirit. These are people who recognize their own potential…their full potential…to live endlessly.

So how do you tell someone you are physically immortal? And when you do…what does it say to them? Understandably, physical immortality is a huge concept. Perhaps it would make things easier, if I could simply hand over a copy of the special edition of 10 Ways to Stay Alive. Everyone today seems to relate to a formula…a pill…a workshop…some nailed down, money back guarantee with all the how-to steps included. Unfortunately, I cannot offer this. But I can encourage all who will listen to go for greatness and discover the full value of their own self worth. Set aside all doubts, fears and suspicions that rob you of life and run fast toward forever.

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