I'm happy to report that I did indeed have a wonderful week. Intention is everything. Living physical immortality now requires that my intention be as conscious and clear as I can make it at all times. Human beings are inherently creative, but they have the power to destroy or build themselves in their creation. Being physically immortal, I am designing my life to be abundant in every way. I cannot do this alone, the death programming is too strong from aeons of time. A lone individual is like a drop in the ocean. A collective individual however is aware of being the ocean, not the drop, and therein lies great power for change.

This is our experience here in Scottsdale and the more we move together, the deeper we go, the more we realize how much we need each other and every immortal out there. How we can reach more people is always in our thoughts. If you are reading this and have not met us yet, I urge you strongly if you have any feeling that you are immortal, or could be, or want to be, to follow that calling and make the connection with us. You might be shocked at what you will find. There is nothing that you have experienced in your life until now that could prepare you for what you will feel when you come in the presence of your own kind. What is your hunger? Are you content to live a mediocre life or even a good life until you die? If you do not have a physical experience of taking death off the end of your life, then no matter how wonderful you are today you have an end coming and you have no idea when. That is the tragic truth, it is not a belief system, it is real. I didn't make it that way, neither did you, nevertheless you are subject unless you experience a quantum leap out of that reality. We are that quantum leap. A deathless life already exists in this world. We are moving towards you right now - what are you doing?

I want to meet you. I need you in my life. That is why I am writing this blog, in the hopes that you will read me and be stirred to new action. Conscious intentions and actions to match are what living physically immortality now is all about. I am a different person today than I was when I was writing last week. I have less struggle, more joy, less pain, more health. This is because I have a future. I am getting better all the time. The more I live, the freer I am because that is what I go for. I am the ocean now, not the drop, so I have the power to create my life to be more beautiful with every passing day. How about you? Will you be freer next week, next month, next year? Are you physically immortal? If so, I want you to know that I am here to make it easier for you to live. I am here to lift you up, care for you, and hold you in my heart and arms forever.