It is Memorial Day and I am enjoying a luxurious day of spontaneous movement. I was reflecting on last Friday night's event and feeling how wonderful it is to be able to come together with our people at least twice a week to focus only on the joy of being immortal. We all interact differently during the time in between with various social times or other appointments, but on Friday and Monday evenings our coming together is for the purpose of building our immortal bodies and thus an immortal world. We have an ongoing conversation and movement towards bringing about whatever changes we need to manifest unlimited living. Every subject is covered, nothing is taboo, and we are all open books. We are there to give and to receive all forms of human nourishment. Passion, love, understanding, support, caring, encouragement and direction all flow in abundance in our midst. It is an electrical environment with a lot of laughter, fun, depth and seriousness. Many people think only children need direction, but we have found that in order to make deep changes in our psyches we need much interaction, input and direction from each other.

I was thinking how I experienced a lot of stress last week. I don't think that stress is at all a necessary part of living, in fact the contrary, but nevertheless I did struggle with my changes last week. I walked into our meeting room on Friday night feeling raw, but happy to be in the midst of so many people who had not experienced a week from hell! I felt my nervous system easing down immediately as the warmth of all the beautiful smiles and hugs penetrated my body. I sat in my chair listening to the precious ones speaking and felt lifted up as I gave them my full attention and started feeling their bodies instead of myself. Then Bernie got up to speak and as her vibrancy flooded the room and everyone in it, I immediately felt my whole being melting into one enormous smile. Just the sound of her voice as she was telling us that we had the power to change anything in our lives wiped away every trace of my week, my year, my decade! I transformed in an instant and was fully alive again, with renewed energy and inspiration to move mountains.

How high of a value can you place on something like that? How much is an anointed touch on your life worth? .... a touch that brings you both rest and renewal at the same time. Can you go to the store and buy inspiration that is tailored exactly to your individual needs? This is what I find every week in our meetings, and believe me, as immortal as I feel I am, Icould not sustain my aliveness and an ageless body without the touch of immortal flesh. Our immortality physically comes from one another, I am in no illusion about that. We cannot live on a belief system, we need human nourishment. Vitamins, exercise, good food and a positive attitude will not bring about immortality. We need to experience penetration to the depths of our soul, upheaval of our deeply ingrained patterns, a churning of our blood and an awakening of our hunger continually to live beyond death. Death is in the cells and must be flushed out and replaced with new life. We need a consistent internal revolution and that only comes from the stirring we experience together. I am in awe of how potent the human body can be in the right environment. People have dreamed of the fountain of youth, but it is not a fountain, it is a waterfall of immortal human energy that will wash away all the sickness, aging and death in this world. I invite you to experience the reality of that right now. Have a great week - I plan to have a wonderful one!

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