Well I've been busy, enjoying myself and all the day-to-day challenges of living physically immortal. I'm happy to be alive and to feel my life wide open for opportunities. I feel I am just beginning. I'm not middle-aged, not old, not young. I am ageless and fresh. My future is brighter than it was when I was a teenager making plans. I am ready to take on my world and create everything I want.

I feel this way because I am physically immortal and there are amazing people in my life who constantly remind me that this is my true state of being. I was recently touched to let go of trying to make things work, to just get out of my own way and let my natural creative energies draw to me everything I have need of. For me sometimes "being in charge" has looked more like being in control than being in the flow of a deathless life. It is a glorious challenge learning to really live and be abundant for myself and others around me. Sometimes I have to be reminded to have fun with everything, to be crazy and serious and ridiculous and bold, but above all to enjoy every moment.

We have been talking about momentum in our meetings recently. I have experienced building on momentum and how awesome that feels. You get to feel really good about yourself when you're moving forward with momentum. You feel vast, unlimited, unstoppable. I have also experienced the opposite, when I have trashed a good momentum and picked up old habits or patterns and gone back to a "comfortable" groove. Actually that kind of comfort is extremely uncomfortable, because there is always that part of you that has felt better that sits there inside your guts accusing you and then the sick feeling of guilt inevitably follows. Not only that, but the momentum has to be built up again before you can move on, and you have to break through a residue of resistance. If you stop your momentum often enough, sooner or later there's not enough energy to try again and depression and despair start creeping in - not a good place to be, believe me I know. It's not about righteousness, it's about aliveness. As Jim Strole said the other night, choose what makes you feel most alive in the moment. That's great advice, and I'm here to take it! Have a blessed momentum-building week.

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