Momentum is a beautiful thing. Right now my writing business is really picking up, even though business in general is down. Being physically immortal, we create our own momentum. By not buying in to the struggle around us, we keep the momentum of our life and our prosperity going. We don't find a reason to stop, so we don't stop. I guess that's the ABCs of being endless.

By talking this stuff at our breakthrough events, we're always reinforcing the message--you can have what you want, go for it. I find myself giving clients and colleagues pep talks along the same lines. But they don't always respond. That's the death programming in operation. Think about it: what do you have to lose by being excited?

Some one who has been coming to our breakthroughs said he loves what he feels but isn't sure physical immortality is real. I don't think he's actually sure death is real. That's what he's really saying. Because if you get really real about death, you know you've got nothing to lose in going for being deathless. That's when the momentum can really kick in.