This weekend, approximately 100 of us are meeting together for a weekend event. I have an electricity running through me right now, the electricity of anticipation. I'm going to be smiling a lot, smiling at you who attend, drinking you in, waiting to hear from you, your expressions about what it means to be physically immortal. Your words and the way you say them, how your body moves as you speak on the stage with the microphone in your hand, are a one-body experience for me. I take you in, I listen and look, I feel you and am connected to you.

Physical Immortality is me alive, my physical form moving in this world, focusing on being healthy, financially adept, working smart and doing what I love to do for money, staying sharp with my patterns and being sweet to those around me.

I am learning to say what I feel is important to say without an edge in my voice. I want to live greater than ever, I want to fine tune myself, be streamlined, clear-eyed, free to move fast in every way.

When I hear people say things like, "I'm getting old," "Everybody dies," I must speak something different. In that moment, I am compelled to say, No, I'm not dying, I've chosen to keep living, to do whatever I must do to outlive disease, aging and death, to stay around, to keep my eyes on the prize, that means this gorgeous world, the air I breath, the sight of you wanting to live alongside me. I cannot stay in the presence of those words and say nothing. I speak out, and people do what they do with it. Some are interested, some don't hear it quite right, others ignore it. But, I get the benefit of speaking out. My body pulsates in response to my gutsiness, my skin shines a little more, my eyes clear up, I feel closer to those people who said they have to die, because we're there together, having an interaction, an interaction I'm leading in that moment by saying NO to death.

Say No to death, it's the only way to live.