I love reading everyone's blog and hearing what Living Physical Immortality Now means to each person on a week-by-week basis. I have been so busy this week I haven't even had time to blog. It has been a tumultuous, challenging, stirring several days. I have felt every emotion known to man. I have been getting up extremely early and grabbing naps at strange times. I have been pushing myself to move in new ways. I have had times of being unable to see where I was going and other times of clarity where things seemed to be falling into place. But I have been believing in myself and doing everything that presented itself in the moment for me to do with excitement and expectation of good results. In short, I have been kicking butt!!!!!!!!

Being physically immortal means that poverty can no longer be tolerated. We need lots of money to really enjoy life and build healthy bodies. We definitely need plenty of money to build a new world. There is no purpose greater than ending death on this planet, and not just ending death but creating a life of freedom. One of the many benefits of being part of the living we all enjoy here is that our DNA is exposed to a vast gene-pool of information, which provides the greatest of all possibilities for each of us to expand beyond what we know or what is available to us from our family line. We are a melting-pot of people from all over the world with different backgrounds, languages and cultures, but our common denominator is that we have all experienced that we are physically immortal, here to stay. In coming together as one body, one life, what is available to one is available to all - if we are able to receive that. That means that I can come from a small country like England with its small thinking and suppressed, depressed way of life and experience Bernadeane, who blows away all smallness with one flash of her beautiful eyes. There is no poverty in her, therefore she tolerates none in me. If I receive her as my very flesh, bone, blood body, then I am also free of poverty. I need only to move true to that, and change the patterns that would hold the old limitations in place and sabotage the newness that I experience when I take her in wholly. We are consistently remaking one another, abolishing the patterns of death that each of us inherited when we came to this world and replacing them with fresh new ways of thinking and living.

Because I am physically immortal I am in touch with my purpose and right now my purpose is to step up with Bernie and manifest complete prosperity and ease of movement in making money. That is my true state of being as a deathless body and there is a poverty barrier to be broken. Like Chuck Yeager just before he broke the sound barrier, when the plane was shaking and threatening to blow apart he accelerated more and experienced the breakthrough, I am accelerating through the death barrier. Those of us here are going for it with everything that it in us, but we need more people of vision who want to get out of their small, self-centered, boring, individual lives and join with others to build an exciting world. We are all breaking through together and you can too if you care to. It's an inspired life if you have the guts for it. The rest of the human race is on a head-long collision with extinction.