Last night I had another wonderful time with everybody in our Friday event. I experienced again a new occasion to be lifted and separated from the world of death. Every time I come together with other immortals, I witness new manifestations of this wonderful life I am choosing to live. Monotony doesn’t have a place in our meetings, because every subject is exposed and treated in new ways each time. Whether it is money, prosperity, health, religion, relationships, love, sex, male, female, you name it, we talk about everything, and every single time I feel renewed, refreshed, breathing new air, and the best of all, ready for more. As a physically immortal person I’ll never have enough of this splendid life.
I must allow myself to be vulnerable in order to benefit from the inspiration we generate when we get together. We have the safest environment to face every issue, and become bigger in one another's presence. This world of physically immortal people exists, and is available for those who want to benefit from the profitable venture of living a life without end.