Another powerful breakaway time together last night. It's amazing to me what an impact simply hearing people speak with conviction about being endless has on me. Lately, I can see more clearly where I shut down the fire of living inside me as a child. I simply felt too much and no one else around me seemed to be sensing what I was sensing. So I turned myself off. It was too painful, too lonely to be exposed in such a way. I can actually remember the dynamic of doing this and thinking that I was finally getting a grip on living. But I was really losing it.

I'm not grieving over the little boy who shut down. I'm enjoying being able to shed light on who I have always been. This is why immortals need other immortals. Because collectively we create an enviroment where we can really be ourselves. Otherwise, we become chameleons, subduing ourselves to belong in a world that isn't really functioning on our wavelength at all. So each time we get together, it's like re-tuning to our true selves.

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