Wow, yes, I was completely blown away last night being with everyone. I was so impacted my heart was pounding with excitement, I was leaping inside my skin. I love hearing the sound of my life from another immortal that stirs my blood, that I can literally feel new cells exploding into life that do not contain any old programming from the past. This experience of spontaneous generation is electric. You are transported from one reality to another without any time in between, yet it is as if the change was just waiting to be. It is a physical gut-level happening that needs no explanation, like remembering our true self as Joe said. I said I was "blown away", but what is really blown away are the layers of the lies of death, revealing a soft fresh new body, more alive, more vibrant. Sometimes it can be sudden, intense, unexpected, such as I experienced last night. Sometimes it is just the consistent exposure to our sparkling environment that keeps washing away the old reality, like showering off the dirt of the day. It is all irresistible to experience. An "event" does not even come close to comunicating what we do at our meetings!

I am so grateful to live this adventure of discovery of the human body, which I find to be the most exciting discovery on earth. I know most people only expect to have a few "peak experiences" in their lives, but we are peaking with one another all the time. Immortal living is entirely different from anything you can imagine. It is brave and bold to face everything that ails us head on. I have to be more ruthlessly passionate than ever before. I am called to be more physical, physical, physical. I curse every moment of sluggishness or inconsistency in my life. I hunger to manifest more of my true potential and why I was born. I am physically immortal, I have everything to live for, and no choice but to eliminate everything I experience as limitation. Physical immortality is the answer to all the problems of our world. All suffering will be brought to an end when more value is placed on human life.