I can feel Physical Immortality in my guts, for me it is not a belief system as Joe said, I can’t rationalize about it; otherwise it would be difficult for me to express about my life as a physically immortal person. I made so many important decisions in my life since I woke up to Physical Immortality; I will say vital decisions that would have been unattainable without me following this instinctive, intuitive, and emotional feeling that comes from my guts, therefore the experience of being physically immortal is natural, and it already exists in my body, great news! I don’t have to fight to reach the reality of living forever. I just need to go with other physically immortal bodies experiencing the most wonderful truth of staying alive forever.

As Bernie said in our last Friday event, it is hard to break the hard pack of death in bodies that haven’t been exposed to Physical Immortality. Today I can say my hard pack was broken when I met Bernie, Jim, and Chuck, and new layers get broken every time I am in their presence. My exposure to them, and therefore to Physical Immortality wasn’t an accident, I wanted more in my life, their piercing in my body was imminent, it needed to happen. The desire for a new life was already in my body, it just got awakened when I found them. More people were exposed to this wonderful reality in their trip to New York, which means new people could have the opportunity to choose the reality of living forever, and we would have more immortals to multiply, rejoice, and nurture with, celebrating this wonderful life we already have.