We are sitting in Newark Airport, our flight delayed two hours because of weather. The NYC event was intense and ambitious. We met with people interested in physical immortality, which was exciting. One thing that struck me is that we get so well adjusted to dying that it really takes a kind of shock to the system to jolt us awake. Having adapted to death, we now have to reverse the adaptation. We have to experience our bodies as whole.

For me this has always taken the form of literally feeling more. Being more emotional yes, but also experiencing more of a gut feeling and trusting that gut feeling enough to act on it. This not only clears up a lot of the endless head analysis, it also makes decision making more fun. There's a feeling of freedom that comes with going with my gut that I really enjoy.

In effect, this is what we invite people to do when we meet them in these kind of outbound events. As Bernie said, the belief system of Physical Immortality will not bring about Physical Immortality. In fact, it's not even a very good belief system, because it's darn near impossible to actually "believe" in such a huge thing. We have to feel it. We have to feel ourselves as being here forever, which for me means always feeling more and never settling for numbness.

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