I couldn’t agree more with Joe, Lorna and Leann. To me family, religion, God, genetics, love, and all the emotional involvement around them are this gigantic horrifying creature that traps people with its sticky tentacles and little by little suffocates the life out of them.

My family loves me, but they don’t care about my happiness and well being if it’s related with me being physically immortal because it makes me different, out of the norm, and of course out of the flock who prefers to die instead of deserting their families and God . I don’t want this kind of love; religion operates under the same principles. I grew up in Christianity, and although I stopped being involved in all the religious rituals during my teens I can see now how religion was actively present in my everyday life.

I refuse to remain faithful to someone or to some form of creed that doesn’t care about me. For them, their structures are more important than my life. My freedom is priceless! The more I see the big setup the more I appreciate and value my life, my people. I experienced a new love, and I don’t have to pay with my life to keep this love.