I'm looking forward to everyone coming home from New York and all of us being together again. Our immortal events/meetings are always nourishing and wonderful, but there is nothing like the power of the whole that we experience when more of us are physically in each other's presence. That is why we reach out to others, because we are building a world without death. It is a huge and joyful calling and we need everyone that wants a deathless world to participate. Each person has unique gifts to offer. We are like a symphony of life; each instrument or voice alone is beautiful but when everyone sounds together the resulting creation is a masterpiece.

Joe described the waking up from the sleep of death that happens when people come in the presence of immortals. There is no end to that experience. I am still waking up after 20 years and sometimes fighting the tendency to want to numb out with addictions can be very difficult, but I take heart in my breakthroughs and give myself praise for how far I have already come. I agree that feeling ourselves immortal is the key, not believing in physical immortality. Our journey is a physical one, we need actions to match our thoughts. We need to be dropping belief systems, not taking on new ones. We are like computers with too much old software that need to be updated! I feel that physical immortality is the true state of being of a human body that is not loaded down with endless negative thoughts, especially the ultimate limiting belief that we have to die. These programs depress people year after year and rob them of their joy and energy to live. Sickness, aging and dying are by-products of the destructive ways we treat ourselves on a daily basis over time.

The only way I can see for anyone to be free is to immerse themselves in living with deathless people. The truth will not set us free, but people will. We need to be electrified to feel the passion to make lasting changes for our lives. That is impossible to do alone. I need the inspiration of other people's movement to encourage me to keep moving, they need mine. We stoke the fire of each other's hunger to live. I feel blessed to be a part of creating this exciting new world. I feel special. I love who I am. If you knew me 20 years ago you would know how impossible that was for me to say about myself in the past! If people only knew how good they could really feel, the world would be a very different place right now - and for us it is! Welcome home Joe.