Why do we need to free ourselves from relationships, any kind of relationship? Because they keep us locked in a prison, because they feed our ancestral fears and keep us set in a certain box where we can't move freely. A physical immortal person needs to move in total freedom. Once you have experienced being such a loved person and, at the same time, that love has nothing to do with physically living forever, then you must break the ties, then you must shift and move to a different reality, one that can nourish you, one that can see you for who you are. In a relationship, we don’t see each other for who we really are but for what we expect or desire. In a relationship, we carry the burden of the other, we constantly measure our doing expecting a reward, struggling to be loved and therefore, survive. There is a new togetherness to be experienced. We can be together, really together when we allow the other to move totally free, when we cherish their opening and their movement. The real freedom is the freedom from death.

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