There is a new intimacy that goes beyond sexual relations. This intimacy nurtures the body and soul causing a feeling of expansion and greatness. It is inclusive,inviting, invigorating and produces true closeness among human beings. A new sensitivity is required to experience an immortal intimacy. It is necessary to have a genuine need to break self-limitation and the barriers between each other. When I woke up to being physically immortal, I hungered for this intimacy. I find it safe to expose my emotions, my true desires, imperfections and weaknesses, magnifying who I really am - a person living free from death. I have found that with other immortals I can be vulnerable because the answer in any situation is encouragement.

Human beings have a choice. Now they have the opportunity to discover how vast they can be when they decide to live outside of what has been established. Breaking old ways of intimacy or familiarity, and embracing the reality of ending death for themselves, together with other immortals.


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