Forget what you were told and shown as a child on what love is. It is about as truthful as a Grimm's Fairytale. And in reality, your family most likely never looked or acted like the perfect sitcom family. The ideal of the perfect marriage and family is just more of the death oriented propaganda. And the sad reality is, that this is what we are programed to strive for, but in the end it costs you.

It costs you who you are. It costs you who you want to be. You compromise and suppress yourself for that ideal love and family. Everyday losing just another bit of your true self. Getting you to the point where you have hidden or given so much of the real you away, that one day you don't even recognize yourself anymore.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Being physically immortal means you do not have to sacrifice yourself. There is no more suppression of who you are. You are loved and cherished just by being the person that you are. Where fear and societal politeness don't have to stop you from speaking from your gut. Leave the old you behind and start a new. Today is a new day.


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