The randomness Joe talks about is because male and female egos trapped in their biological urges are essentially moving unconsciously, asleep to any higher purpose, driven only by their own self-centered needs. They become dangerous to themselves and others. What starts off as an exciting journey into love and sexuality can so quickly burn out and turn into pain. The arena of love with all the games that inevitably go with it, seduction, jealousy, control and rejection, ultimately leaves most people wondering if they have the energy to go yet one more round in the ring looking for their soul-mate. As each round takes its toll on the freshness and optimism of the beautiful human beings that embark on this journey, cynicism and heartbreak start to show their cumulative effects on the body. Many people fall victim to divorce, sickness and loneliness, suggesting that the illusion of "happily-ever-after" only belongs in the stories we continue to pollute our children with generation after generation! Even for those who stay together for 50 years, what do they really have to look forward to other than a mundane existence of work, children, grandchildren, getting old, sick and dying?

Some would say I'm just a cynic, maybe the victim of a bad love affair myself. Absolutely I have experienced my share of heartbreak, along with everyone else I know. As immortals, we have lived through all the experiences this world had to offer us before we woke up to a new life. However, when we find each other and start living immortality together, we discover that we can learn from our mistakes and those of others and make different choices. It really is possible to wake up and live beyond biological urges and become truly human! Our world becomes bigger, we are no longer just a world of one. We expand beyond the boundaries of relationship and family and discover in-depth connections with unlimited numbers of people that all become important to us. That really takes the pressure off needing everything to be fulfilled by a love-partner.

Being immortals, our needs change and give way to the greater need to be really alive. We take charge of our choices and and take the randomness out of the equation, as Joe says. One of the most enriching experiences you can have is to care for someone so much that it is more important to you that they are alive and healthy than it is for them to be in an intimate relationship with you. That is a leap into a new world, and a new freedom for you and the other person. There actually is a life to experience without loss or control, where loving becomes a joyous and building experience. When we do as Joe suggests and choose intimate partners who are like us, then our ultimate bond together is living immortality, and whether or not we choose to stay together in a relationship, we can continue to deepen our intimacy and connection forever.