Many people hold love as the highest value and the highest experience they can have. Love can be great, but a lot depends on who is doing the loving and why. That's because love is often hopelessly bound up with the evolutionary urge to procreate. And from that standpoint, it's utterly random. The species as a whole really doesn't care if your life partner nurtures you, spurs you on to greater boldness of living or freedom of thought. The species as a whole just wants you to reproduce. So unless you're really sharp about your life, it's extremely easy to find yourself in bed with someone who is, or will become, the single greatest limiting factor in your life.

As immortals, we are awakening out of the randmoness of evolution. We are not here to procreate the species, or similarly, to perpetuate the family. We are here to live ourselves and overturn that old order, under which human life really doesn't count for a whole hell of a lot, except as a means to produce more human beings, who will in turn disappear into the void of death themselves. Love, uninformed by higher human intelligence, plays a central role in this endless death cycle.

We are here to love and to love deeply, but to do so with a higher purpose than simply family and procreation. This frees us from the narrow agenda of evolution and of the male and female egos born out of this agenda. For this reason, we have to go into relationships with eyes wide open, speak everything we feel, and be willing to go to depths together that break through the programming of mundane living. We are not random creatures. We are filled with purpose and with passion. We have to chose intimate partners who are like us. It's really just that simple.

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