Imagine a world where love means having people who will never leave you. No more till death do us part. People who live their lives today as if there was no end to them or their loved ones. No planning for sickness or a rainy day. No limited retirement plan, no graveyard plot, no inheritance. When your health plan truly means improving your health and wellness through moment to moment good eating, exercise and supplement choices. Where your prosperity is a freedom of movement without stress. Where your daily intimate living is without tension; free from fighting or long periods of hurt silence. Where sex is a sharing and exploration of two bodies flowing together in a union of passion and pleasure for their mutual fulfillment. Where you are not so tied up in your own gods or addictions that you actually notice and act on anothers' distress with empathy and caring before it becomes dis-ease.

This is my world. This is physical immortality and it is happening in Scottsdale, Arizona today.

Where are you today? Trapped in a relationship, marriage or family full of stress and worry? It does not matter, marriage or relationship, its all a very small box. Till death us do part is just another exit, just another separation, just another way out. If you are in a bad relationship, are you going to die to get out of it? That's why one in two marriages end in divorce. Why are you with your partner? For security, for sex, or because of the kids. What could tear you apart? This economy, infidelity, work, losing your home or death. Its all separation.

Living in the same house does not mean that we are are together. Watch where your mind goes. Watch the fantasies you create. Are you always dreaming of the perfect partner, the perfect job, the perfect sex, the perfect meal, the perfect high or the perfect heaven? That thing you think about but rarely share - that's your god. Your secret friend. That thing that separates you from true intimacy with another human being. That thing that actually stops you having what you want. That thing that keeps you limited. There's a way out of that hell. Yes it is possible.

There is a body of people who move from a new paradigm, from a whole new space. A body of people who are so nourished by each other that it is easy for them to show you the true acceptance you deserve. Have you ever really felt accepted? Have you even had one person who truly wants you to live. To live unlimited forever. Who can say and mean that they will never leave you. Yes it will change your life. Yes you may not recognize yourself. But in your gut you will know you are home. There will be a rest in your flesh, in your nervous system, like you have never known. Then you will end the "men are from Mars -women are from Venus" mysteries of relationships because you will truly see human beings as individuals; unique but the same. You will end the violence in your own nature. Opening to your own physical immortality is the only way to truly be with another.


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