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What is living unlimited?

What is living Unlimited? Living unlimited isn't about a life outside us somewhere, It's about people being unlimited together. It's we the people moving unlimited together for the first time. Unlimited movement, unlimited passion, unlimited love, unlimited feelings for one another. Unlimited expansion, unlimited touching, unlimited feeling in our own bodies. Hunger to be an unlimited person. Be so tired of being around limited people. Be so tired of your own limitations!

James Strole. The Most Positive Man in The World.



Christi Christiaens -- 100% in charge of my life

Before I was with People Unlimited, I was very negatively affected by the circumstances around me and would go into a depression. Now I am 100% in charge of my life. I’ve created a positive environment around me I can thrive in and I never experience depression anymore.

Before I met Jim, Chuck and Bernie, I lived in Belgium and was raising four kids. My marriage was dysfunctional and I was constantly looking for the next class, the next seminar, the next therapy to make me feel ok with my life, which really wasn’t ok.

Until the day that a friend of mine returned from America and told me that she met three people who said they were physical immortal and immediately I was overwhelmed with a stirring feeling in every cell of my body.

Next I went to an event with Jim, Chuck and Bernie in Munich Germany. They were so passionate and so real, totally giving of themselves to us, that I was deeply impacted.  It felt like all my cells were popping open. I knew I’d found what I was really all about. I was done with desperately looking for the next workshop or therapy to give sense to my life. Ten years later I moved to Scottsdale AZ where I am living a physical immortal life with people of my own kind.

Before I was with People Unlimited I had severe back pain and other health issues. Now I am healthy and pain-free. I went from living a life of desperation to living a meaningful and exciting life. I go through intense things sometimes, but the big difference is that I always come out better and stronger.



Living free of mental control

Living free of mental control is a wonderful thing. The only people I have ever experienced this with are immortal. Most human beings are like ticking time-bombs. They walk around their whole lives with the unconscious knowledge that some day they are going to die. People don’t think about that much and often will dismiss you or even fight you when you try to enlighten them to their state of being, but that does not change the fact that the body feels the weight of the sentence of death every day it is alive and dulls the senses to prepare for loss of all kinds. Living with the belief system of death is very suppressive of aliveness and joy, but since most people have never known anything else it’s just accepted as the norm. No-one has really lifted the veil to explore what a human body without that limitation would be like, until now. We are the people doing this, literally going where no-one has ever been before. There are innate creative powers of the human body when freed from the daily reality of living with a death sentence and the inevitable fears that arise from that. When the body can function from somewhere more vast and inclusive than just the programmed human mind, there is a change that takes place that produces great clarity and focus of thought, feeling and action. First you have to be delivered from the mental prison. That requires a human touch from someone who has crossed over the death barrier and is moving free themselves. I wish I could convey to you the glorious rest that you will experience in your nervous system when an immortal penetrates to your soul and lifts your burden… the possibilities you will glimpse and the new hungers that will begin to squirm inside you. If I could just open a door for you right now to another world, would your natural sense of adventure and curiosity that maybe you remember from your childhood take over? Would you run through eager to explore, or would you dismiss immortality as stupid and close the door behind you?

Immortal bodies are nothing short of treasures. People that are willing to face everything and be vulnerable and intimate with themselves and others are sacred to me. People that go beyond a self-centered life to reach out and take others with them to greater heights are simply precious. They are the life-blood of this planet. Once you have tasted the sweetness and illumination of the virtue that pours from an immortal body, you are never the same. It is the genius of immortals that has realized that human nourishment is the missing ingredient and the key to living abundantly forever. Without it a person slowly or quickly dries out, shrivels up and eventually blows away.




Samantha Orozco - The confidence to change

samantha_orozco_peopleunlimited_testimonialsThrough my involvement with People Unlimited, I’ve become the joyful, confident person I was born to be. I feel passion for my life and the life of others. I came to Scottsdale, Arizona 7 years ago. I was a professional person from Venezuela, a hydrology engineer. I’m a strong person, but certain experiences had traumatized me and left me with fear and insecurities.

After hearing Bernadeane, Jim Strole and Charles Brown, of People Unlimited, speak on physical immortality and attending People Unlimited events in Scottsdale, I felt in my body, "This is the life I want."

My movement involved large and profound changes, including a new culture, language, and customs. But I have continued to change and grow since then. Change is not a one-time thing; this is a day to day movement. I do not know what life will bring me tomorrow, but what I do know is that I am ready and confident in myself.

I am very grateful to Bernie, Jim and Chuck, for their clarity, passion, sweetness, inspiration and life movement. I am grateful also to all the people and for the life we are building together.

Audrey Archer - Going for the more of my life

Audrey_Archer_PeopleUnlimited_testimonialSince being involved with People Unlimited my life has totally opened up; I have opened up. I now enjoy very deep connections with people, which are nurturing, fun and intense. We constantly spur each other on to go for and enjoy what we are truly capable of, which is so much. I have been able to continuously improve myself over the past 23 years. I spent the first 17 years of my life growing up in a very small house in a village outside of Greater Manchester in the North of England. My family environment was suppressed in the sense that very little emotion of any kind was ever expressed and there was never much physical affection. Both my parents had experienced serious childhood trauma. I was excellent in school, and at the age of nine I was taken to London to test my IQ and was classified as a Gifted Child.

I put a lot of energy into my schoolwork whilst also deriving much pleasure playing piano, taking dance lessons and performing in a couple of theatre shows by the age of 13. I won a scholarship to an all girls private school. But then my parents divorced and I felt very alone, wanting to be strong for others, but getting basically zero emotional support or human touch in a very difficult time.

I gradually slipped into depression, which ran in my family. My father introduced me to Bernie, Chuck and Jim. I first heard them speak about physical immortality in Glastonbury. I still remember approaching the meeting room and hearing a woman’s voice expressing loudly and with a vehemence that I didn’t understand. Later I realized she had a huge passion for living--now that's something to shout about!

I felt welcome immediately, and loved the opportunity to express my feelings fully. I could tell these people genuinely cared. Their desire to create a new way of living based on a deeper level of human interaction excited me. I knew then I wanted to be part of the creation of this new life.

Moving to the US (and the desert) at age 20 was an intense and huge move. I was able to step out in this way because I felt in my body a new unlimited life and a connection with the people who had stirred this in me. I was a quiet, shy young woman. But with People Unlimited gatherings twice a week, I had the forum to expand. I now experience being in the best shape of my life both physically and emotionally. I have more stamina than ever before because I'm building my body FOREVER!! Negativity can no longer get a foothold in my heart or mind. I experience joy and laughter every day. I express my passion in many areas of my life. I now sing and play keyboard with two different bands, which I really love. I am a hair designer and the owner of an Aveda Salon, which I helped to design.

My life is harmonious, loving and fun....and there's always more...

Thank you Bernie, Jim and Chuck for venturing to England to find me. I love you and am with you forever.

Glenn Bourdot - Hard Times Are Over

Glenn_Bordot_PeopleUnlimited_testuimonialI used to take my troubles to heartWaiting for my world just to fall apart I didn’t have the time of day to dance the Bossa Nova Then my buddy told me Hard Times Are Over I had this deep dark lack inside of me I blamed it on the bad economy Hey everybody’s got a shadow mister, I’ll tell you mine Big as Frankenstein (big ass - Frankenstein) I tried and tried to justify Pain was real and joy was no ride I rode the back seat, shame was my chauffeur Now my hand’s on the wheel and the Hard Times Are Over (instrumental)

I tried and tried to justify Life fades away by and by I’ve got no death wish, but I’m a smoker Cause my soul’s on fire and the Hard Times Are Over I couldn’t do this all by myself It takes a lot of big help, so hold on to me Inspire this fire in me I’ll set your body free We’ve got a lover’s feast In this belly of the beast Now you can take it from me, sister, or the man in the moon We’ve all got to learn to laugh too soon We don’t need serious struggling and talking forever We’ve got to drop it now or never All this back-stabbing, booty-grabbing, graveyard pipeline Playing a bit-part in a dead bloodline I’m rolling through it like a Mack bulldozer It’s a brand new day and the Hard Times Are Over Yes, I can feel forever and the Hard Times Are Over

© 2013 Glenn Bourdot