Audrey_Archer_PeopleUnlimited_testimonialSince being involved with People Unlimited my life has totally opened up; I have opened up. I now enjoy very deep connections with people, which are nurturing, fun and intense. We constantly spur each other on to go for and enjoy what we are truly capable of, which is so much. I have been able to continuously improve myself over the past 23 years. I spent the first 17 years of my life growing up in a very small house in a village outside of Greater Manchester in the North of England. My family environment was suppressed in the sense that very little emotion of any kind was ever expressed and there was never much physical affection. Both my parents had experienced serious childhood trauma. I was excellent in school, and at the age of nine I was taken to London to test my IQ and was classified as a Gifted Child.

I put a lot of energy into my schoolwork whilst also deriving much pleasure playing piano, taking dance lessons and performing in a couple of theatre shows by the age of 13. I won a scholarship to an all girls private school. But then my parents divorced and I felt very alone, wanting to be strong for others, but getting basically zero emotional support or human touch in a very difficult time.

I gradually slipped into depression, which ran in my family. My father introduced me to Bernie, Chuck and Jim. I first heard them speak about physical immortality in Glastonbury. I still remember approaching the meeting room and hearing a woman’s voice expressing loudly and with a vehemence that I didn’t understand. Later I realized she had a huge passion for living--now that's something to shout about!

I felt welcome immediately, and loved the opportunity to express my feelings fully. I could tell these people genuinely cared. Their desire to create a new way of living based on a deeper level of human interaction excited me. I knew then I wanted to be part of the creation of this new life.

Moving to the US (and the desert) at age 20 was an intense and huge move. I was able to step out in this way because I felt in my body a new unlimited life and a connection with the people who had stirred this in me. I was a quiet, shy young woman. But with People Unlimited gatherings twice a week, I had the forum to expand. I now experience being in the best shape of my life both physically and emotionally. I have more stamina than ever before because I'm building my body FOREVER!! Negativity can no longer get a foothold in my heart or mind. I experience joy and laughter every day. I express my passion in many areas of my life. I now sing and play keyboard with two different bands, which I really love. I am a hair designer and the owner of an Aveda Salon, which I helped to design.

My life is harmonious, loving and fun....and there's always more...

Thank you Bernie, Jim and Chuck for venturing to England to find me. I love you and am with you forever.