Lisa_Miller_PeopleUnlimited_testimonialI had a feeling as a child that to live an amazing life, to gain wisdom with years and then to die at the end was not how it was supposed to be. Even then, I had the feeling that it made no sense that this was the path for everyone. I had the feeling I could live, be totally alive and get better and healthier as time went on – rather than getting worse and unhealthier as I got older, only to die. But as time went on, I was living alone as an immortal, and I began to wonder if I would actually be able to create a deathless life for myself after all, since I felt all alone with this feeling. I had no-one to speak with about it, no-one to generate the excitement of manifesting the reality of living fully alive, and no-one to inspire me to go beyond any thoughts that did not compliment my deathless life. Just about the time I questioned if I would be able to really live in this world as a physically immortal person, I was invited to a People Unlimited event.

I found my people! I am finally home! I participate with a community of people called People Unlimited who are always lifting and encouraging me, speaking out about physical immortality, living free of all limitations, caring for me, facing challenges together and moving through them, and inspiring me with each person’s expression. I am expanding beyond what people think is possible, and going with the feeling of our bodies together as one. I am among people living physical immortality right here and right now. Being in this amazing, uplifting, and nourishing environment strengthens my feeling and knowing of myself as a physically immortal person. It is so huge to feel I am whole and complete, right now. I deserve to live, right now. I am the powerful creator of my life right now. I choose a life of joy and aliveness, right now.