don_wortman_peopleunlimited_testimonialI have lost to date 120 lbs. I am off all prescription medications on a regular basis. My immune system is recovering and I even have a beer every once in a while. Hello, my name is Don Wortman and I want to share some of the life-altering transformations that I have experienced since getting involved with People Unlimited. When I first showed up at People Unlimited, I weighed 370 lbs (plus or minus 10 percent). I had an awakening in my body of the possibility of physical immortality and I realized that tipping the scales close to 400 lbs was not going to give me the possibility of living much more than just a few more years, let alone forever.

I was on/using a C-pap breathing device that allowed me to sleep at night because I had sleep apnea.  (Weight loss is the cure for sleep apnea.) I also had asthma and took some of the most powerful medications on the market to keep it at bay (symbicort and dulera inhalers for example.)  I also had chronic sinusitis and could not get over a cold because my immune system was so shot.  I had become allergic to beer, wine and liquor, which was one of my most favorite past-times (getting drunk).

When I heard Jim Strole, Bernadeane and Charles Brown speak on physical immortality, I got inspired that there was a way out for me aside from the pain and misery I was feeling. So I moved from North Carolina to Phoenix.  I got a better job in the process and started losing weight.

I was also trapped in an 18-year marriage, caught in an old-fashioned relationship where I played the strong, money-making, silent husband and she played the dependent spouse.  Michele is an extraordinary person but I relied on her to be my “voice” and she relied on me to be her financial support.  That model just does not support the freedom the human form requires to live abundantly.  We ended up separating as husband and wife, but we live better now than we ever did.  We see each other every week and harbor no resentments towards each other from the past. And why should we? We’re both living healthier, happier lives.