jodi_peopleunlimited_testimonialThe last years of my life, being a part of People Unlimited, have been the happiest and most joyful of my life! Wow, it is hard to write in words all that I have experienced since being with this amazing group of people! I realize I don't have to continue to just seek out that "one" special person in my life to share life with! I know I have many people that I can share intimate feelings, depth and daily adventures with, along with my wonderful family! Before I become a member of People Unlimited and a physically immortal body, I had a lot of ups and downs in life. Though my life was also blessed with a wonderful childhood, family, friends and wonderful jobs, I had many years of being in love with people who were not fully available to share life and love with me. I stayed stuck in this sadness and heartache off and on for many years.

Once I broke free of an unhealthy and tumultuous relationship of 7 years and fully opened myself up to experience the community of People Unlimited, my life immediately began to shift. I finally found the depth of connection and nurturing I wanted!

For the first time in my life, since I can remember, I no longer have this feeling of "I am alone" lingering in my mind and making me sad. I have so many beautiful, wonderful, deep and nurturing people to share life with! It fills me with a joy I have never imagined or experienced!

I am transforming myself moment by moment to a whole new way of thinking, feeling and living without limits, and I am connecting deeper and deeper to people that want to share life with me forever! And I am impacting people in my life everywhere, every day. Because each person has so much value to me now, I want to give them my attention and feeling of how important they are in this world!