People Unlimited RAADfest

What we can do right now to increase vitality and reduce aging biomarkers

Freshly motivated from RAADfest 2018, People Unlimited members came home to focus on implementing new plans of action for their super longevity. Among the wealth of valuable information received at the conference, including many exciting future age reversal therapies and interventions, were several options available for immediate implementation.

Bill Faloon, of Life Extension Foundation, provided a unique booklet to all attendees of this year’s RAADfest, with a step-by-step guide in Age Reversal, published by the Society for Age Reversal. People Unlimited members and many other attendees of the conference were excited to put this guide into action.

Society for Age reversal update guide People Unlimited RAADfest

Step 1 is mTOR inhibition using rapamycin, which animal studies suggest can extend lifespan, improve cardiac function and decrease cancer incidence, as well as suppress toxic senescent cell secretions. Recent human trials in the elderly have shown enhanced immune function. 

Step 2 is NAD+ restoration. Several People Unlimited members have already benefited from NAD+ infusions and/or patches, and more are planning to include these since hearing at RAADfest that by age 80 levels of NAD+ will have dropped to only 4%. NAD+ is essential for DNA repair in each cell of the body and any cell rejuvenation therapy such as Resveratrol, young plasma or infused stem cells, is going to work better in people with optimal levels of NAD+. Once levels have been restored, they can be maintained by supplementation of nicotinamide riboside.

Step 3 is elimination of senescent “zombie” cells and toxic debris from the cells to extend healthy lifespan. As cells reach the end of their life cycle or become damaged, most self-destruct by apoptosis, however when they fail to self-eliminate, the “zombie” cells linger, causing inflammation and damage to surrounding healthy tissues. People Unlimited members discussed senolytic therapy, including the dasatinib and quercetin regimen recommended in the Age Reversal Update. Another method suggested for purging senescent cells is fasting, although significant age reversal benefits may not begin until after at least day 3 of fasting, which may not be practical for many.

Step 4 is young plasma and/or stem cells, again stressing the importance of having completed the other steps first to eliminate inflammation and prepare the body to receive optimal benefit from these options.

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Another point of discussion at People Unlimited that was a major take-away from RAADfest 2018, was the importance to the longevity community of gathering and sharing information. Everyone is urged to get blood tests before and after doing any age reversal interventions and to provide that information to organizations such as the Society for Age Reversal, who are gathering data to validate what is and is not working in order to drive rejuvenation research initiatives based on results.

Another benefit of being part of the longevity community is the possibility of group purchasing, which can drive down the cost of a baseline comprehensive test panel by 80%. The recommended tests will provide an in-depth snapshot of current health status and biological aging markers.

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