People Unlimited Transhuman Medical

Chronic pain and a device that could help you get off your medications.

The transhuman medical movement, Dr. Steve Hruby defined this as any use of technology in the body to improve and enhance health and performance. His presentation took place at People Unlimited’s May Super Longevity Weekend during the Ageless Education portion of the event.

people unlimited dr. steve hruby transhuman

The transhuman medical movement has already begun, with many devices in use today, such as pacemakers, stents, joint replacements, prosthetics and ear implants, but there are future technologies on the horizon such as nanotechnology and enhancement with brain/computer interaction that will usher in the age of super longevity, super strength and super intelligence. Dr. Hruby believes that all people interested in radical life extension, including People Unlimited members, need to stay informed and involved in what is taking place in the field of transhuman medicine, because it is going to change reality as we know it for the human body.

people unlimited dr. steve hruby transhuman

Dr. Hruby also discussed a new breakthrough in pain control, the auricular neuro-stimulator device. Chronic pain, especially back pain, is epidemic in the United States, and opioid medications are most commonly prescribed as treatment. Opioids are very addictive, and can also be ineffective after a short period of use. It is a huge problem today, as improperly prescribed medication is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States, opioids being the most common.

The other issue with chronic pain is that the neurology becomes wired for pain, leading to an emotional pathway for pain. The auricular neuro-stimulator device breaks this cycle, which is important for lasting physical changes. The device is FDA-approved and works on a multitude of different pains. It also appears to be helpful in the treatment of addiction since it triggers a release of serotonin and dopamine.

people unlimited james strole and bernadeane

Some People Unlimited members gave their testimonials for the use of the auricular neuro-stimulator device, which appears to be showing good results in a simple, non-invasive way, all good news for a healthy pain-free future.

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