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Holistic pharmacist and biochemist shares his super longevity tips.

Dr. Anand Patel, holistic pharmacist and biochemist with 40+ years of training and experience in the health field, was a presenter for People Unlimited’s Ageless Education during the May Super Longevity Weekend.

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Dr. Patel discussed prevention as key for super longevity. He brings years of extensive medical research, which he continues to do, and his gift of being able to ‘connect the dots’, to put together intense, personalized, holistic preventative health protocols. Patel is clear that the odds of dying from even diseases such as cancer and heart disease can be dramatically reduced with the correct practices.  He also feels it is vital for people who are interested in staying alive to be very flexible in their thinking, to be able to change and evolve quickly.

Some basic rules of health apply to all people, according to Patel. Sleep is a vital part of a daily protocol, along with brain, gut and oral cavity health. He suggests getting to bed by 10 p.m. to maximize repair and rejuvenation. Since growth hormone is mostly released between 12 and 2 am, good sleep can boost levels by 400%. Also, the gall bladder empties into the colon between 12 and 2 am, and if this cycle is missed it is another 24 hours before the body can release toxins. Gut health is crucial because 80 – 90% of the immune system is in the gut and Dr. Patel suggests good daily probiotics. Taking care of the mouth and gums is also very important since it is the number one source of bacterial entry to the body.

It was a high energy presentation, and Dr. Patel's wealth of knowledge, and especially his passion for people to increase their lifespan through dedicated, informed action, were much appreciated and enjoyed by People Unlimited members.

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