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People Unlimited celebrated the Spring Super Longevity Week with transformation and aliveness.

James Strole and Bernadeane, directors of People Unlimited, led the way with inspiration and insights on how to end superficiality in our daily lives and get in touch with our soul movement for a new life and future. It was an in-depth discussion that would continue throughout the week on ending destructive patterns that drain our body energy in order to create a supportive daily environment for living without death. Also on the agenda of breakthrough expression: experiencing joy daily, the power of togetherness, being activists to promote life extension and super longevity to others, and the miracle of the transformed physical body that will not see death.

Ageless education was also a highlight of the week. People Unlimited was honored to host some of the foremost doctors, scientists and thought leaders in life extension and super longevity from around the world. Dr. Anand Srivastava of Giostar, a global institute of stem cell therapy and research, presented his enormous humanitarian vision to cure human diseases and reverse aging with regenerative medicine. He described his journey from the beginning of stem cell research to the ground-breaking treatments he and his teams are delivering to people all over the world today. He was particularly passionate about the opening of the world’s first stem cell treatment hospital in India, sponsored by the Indian government, where he can offer the poorest people in India cutting edge regenerative treatment free of charge.

David Kekich, of Maximum Life Foundation, immortalist and author, discussed immortality as the only option. He talked about the upcoming RAADfest 2017, and how to get people out of their deathist thinking and planning for retirement, and toward making their future bigger than their past.

Ilana Lea of Enerjoy Fitness, always an energetic presenter and full of passion for the beauty of human bodies in motion, talked about muscle and how to keep building it into our 100’s and beyond. She made an interesting case for non-discrimination - underneath the skin, human bodies all look the same and are indistinguishable by age.

Dr. Mark Gordon of Millennium Health Centers, spoke about cognition and memory, and the factors affecting brain health. Even the smallest injury to the brain may cause inflammatory conditions and hormonal problems, leading to multiple diseases. He discussed many foundational health issues that can and should be fixed in the daily lifestyle to promote quality and quantity of life.

Art Bejarano gave a presentation on the importance of intuition in the longevity lifestyle, and how it can get shut down by the impact of death. He discussed how to reclaim our intuition and stay connected to it, and how crucial our environment is for that.

No People Unlimited event would be complete without a diversity of entertainment on the program, and this week was no exception. A highlight was a visit from Mr. Charlie Kam of Acme Avatars, and a transhumanist musician, who has written and performed many songs on the subject of transhumanism and AI that have caught the attention of Ray Kurzweil, of Singularity University. He showed a selection of creative videos and entertained People Unlimited members with his unique humor and viewpoint on longevity and immortality.

A beautiful week of powerful movement, building an environment free of sickness, aging and death within a world that knows only those limitations, could only end on a high note with a great party. James and Bernadeane, as always generous and wonderful hosts, welcomed everyone to their home for an evening of fun and enjoyment together.

The event may be over but the connection and expansion continues, and everyone who participated left stirred, with renewed energy to put into action the wealth of inspiration and information received.

Directed by James Strole and Bernadeane, People Unlimited is an educational, lifestyle and social organization for people interested in radical life extension and physical immortality. For more information on People Unlimited events and initiatives, go to or call 480-949-4344.