Program from Beyond Organic to address lifestyle, supplements and health regimen changes. 

Rod Csikany, of Beyond Organic, is going to work closely with some People Unlimited members over a 6-month period to achieve a minimum of 5 years age reversal. At the end of the challenge, the results will be presented at RAADfest 2017, using biomarker lab tests and other health baselines for comparison.

These People Unlimited members will be making changes in diet, exercise, lifestyle, and health regimen practices, as well as hormone replacement therapy and other treatments by a naturopathic physician as needed.

Rod is optimistic that with dedication and commitment, People Unlimited participants will get results that they will be proud to present at RAADfest, and inspire others desirous of achieving age reversal of their own.

People Unlimited strongly encourages its members to pursue optimum health. However, it does endorse or promote any specific product, modality or program. This is an independent program that members are participating in based on their own personal preference.

Directed by James Strole and Bernadeane, People Unlimited is an educational, lifestyle and social organization for people interested in radical life extension and physical immortality. For more information on People Unlimited events and initiatives, go to or call 480-949-4344.