Fresh sustainable farming and plant-based whole foods was the recent discussion at People Unlimited.

People Unlimited members got a glimpse into the future on Friday night, February 3rd, 2017, as the Ageless Education series continued with a fascinating and yummy presentation. Mark Norton, owner of Pick Fresh Farms presented on sustainable farming and how this relates to our longevity.

Mark described his organic hydroponic farm which uses only 325 sq ft to produce the equivalent of 3+ acres of food with 95% less water requirement. The greens are grown in a controlled environment with nutrients added to the water, with no pesticides or herbicides, under LED lighting, using organic seeds and no GMOs. This is very sustainable to the planet, causing no water pollution, and because the environment is controlled there are no seasons, allowing food to be produced year-round, with only 7 weeks from seed to harvest. Also, since this is a community supported agriculture project, customers receive fresh-picked produce delivered locally, ensuring freshness and vital nutrients intact.

One of the goals of People Unlimited is to bring the future to us, as well as to bring ourselves to the future.  People interested in radical life extension are also naturally concerned about the future of the environment, and Mark’s vision of sustainable hydroponic farming for the long-term health of our planet and our own bodies, provided an optimistic view of a future that we can participate in right now that was extremely inspiring.

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