Elizabeth Parrish to speak at People Unlimited's March Weekend Event 

Next up in our Leaders of Radical Life Extension speaker series

Elizabeth Perrish People UnlimitedElizabeth Parrish, a leading voice for the advancement of biotechnology, will be the next speaker in our on-going Leaders of Radical Life Extension speaker series on March 21st at the People Unlimited Center in Scottsdale, AZ.

Elizabeth is the CEO of BioViva USA Inc ™, which is committed to building gene therapies to eradicate disease and extend healthy life. She is a board member of Radish Medical Solutions and founder of Biotrove Investments and media. She is actively involved in international educational media via the International Longevity Alliance, of which she is a board member and the American Longevity Alliance, on which she serves as Secretary.

Elizabeth will speak on how the history of dying and how we will now work to change the paradigm of death, and what her company BioViva is doing now to change the future of how we will live. She will discuss:

  • A brief historical perspective of death.
  • How what we consider Normal is dangerous.
  • Aging as a disease.
  • Ethical and unethical treatment of disease.
  • What we will do now.
  • The future of medicine.

People Unlimited is delighted to host Elizabeth, as we continue our speaker series featuring some of the most definitive voices in radical life extension, including Dr. Bill Andrews, Max More, and Aubrey De Grey , who will speak in June.

This promises to be a fascinating day with Elizabeth Parrish for all those interested in radical life extension and physical immortality. Be sure to attend.

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Fee:  $50 at the door  |  $40 online  |  $25 Student w/valid ID

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Location: People Unlimited Event Center

9380 E. Bahia Drive. Suite A101. Scottsdale, AZ 85260