Dr. Max More to speak at People Unlimited Speaker series featuring leaders from the radical life extension movement

Max More at People Unlimited
Max More at People Unlimited

Dr. Max More, a leading proponent of radical life extension and the President of Alcor, will speak at People Unlimited on the subject of Super Longevity, on February 21st.

Max’s futuristic thinking on a wide range of subjects has earned him international acclaim. He founded the philosophy of transhumanism, authoring the transhumanist philosophy of extropy, and co-founded Extropy Institute. Since the start of 2011, he has served as President and CEO of the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, the world’s leading cryonics organization.

Ray Kurzweil, the famous author and inventor, has said of him: “Max More’s ideas are very influential among other “big thinkers,” who in turn are influence leaders themselves. Max’s writings represent well grounded science futurism, and reflect a sophisticated understanding of technology trends and how these trends are likely to develop during this coming century.”

People Unlimited is excited to host Max, following up the very successful presentation by Dr. Bill Andrews on his cutting edge Telomere research. Both are part of our continuing guest speaker series featuring leading voices from the cutting edge of radical life extension.

This will be a fascinating day for all those interested in radical life extension and physical immortality. Be sure to attend.

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Time: 11AM-4PM Fee: $20 Address: People Unlimited Event Center 9380 E. Bahia Drive. Suite A101. Scottsdale, AZ 85260