Physical immortality is taking charge as an individual of our own experience of aliveness. That means not waiting any more. Not waiting for someone or something to make us happy. Taking charge is being responsible for our emotions, our thoughts, our actions, knowing we have choice in all things, even about saying no to death. Death is a reality for most, but only because it has not been challenged. Human beings have not realized they had power over their own destiny and choosing physical immortality. Most people are subject to their families, their gods, their status in life, their boundaries. Most would not recognize freedom if it jumped on them. I am talking about freedom of the soul, to feel, to move, to open, to breathe. Freedom to be touched by people, to experience great joy, to be at peace, to be excited. Freedom to be physically immortal.

Physical immortality is being responsible to raise ourselves from the pit of death. Bernie expressed last night about pushing through the tough places where we would want to stop before the point of change that brings about total freedom from what is limiting us in the moment. Death demands we toe the line and stay slaves to our own history and that of our family line, but we have the right to take charge and experience the divinity of our flesh that takes us beyond the sentence of death. Finally we do not have to look to a god or call on what we cannot see for help. We can look in each other's eyes, feel physical arms around us and the warmth of the human soul that feels its foreverness.  We can stop the critical mind that causes separation and division, thus ending all war in the physical body and ultimately in the world.  Every time we face limitation and go through it, we gain the strength and resilience of our physical immortality and our experience of aliveness gathers new momentum.