Immortal prosperity is the hot topic at People Unlimited these days. Being physically immortal, it is essential to end the limitation of poverty which is part of the program of death. We are moving intensely to smash it and be free of the distraction once and forever.  We are sick and tired of being controlled by any form of lack. We simply have too much purpose and too much living to do to worry about the finances we need. There is more than enough money in this world for everyone to be abundantly rich, happy and healthy, and we refuse to be a part of the system of death that promotes otherwise. I believe that physical immortality is innate to the human body, but we have to create our lives free from the influence of death that was imprinted upon us from birth. We have shared DNA with people who have died for eons, thus we have carried a mixture of death programming along with the pure immortal strand. But there is an undeniable happening on the planet today. People are actually experiencing who they really are, and there is a powerful move to take back our lives whole and complete.  Physical immortality is the cutting edge today. It is by far the most exciting happening in this world.

Our destiny as immortals is unlimited immortal prosperity and joy.  All we have to do is claim our wholeness and move to bring it about. Immortals have the power and the heart to do that because we have forever in mind. We build one another to expand beyond the small thinking of a lone identity existence. In our events we demonstrate progressive change to one another by our expressions of dynamic movement. This imprints us all with new life. The bar gets set high collectively and, if we do not suppress our desire for more, we can face whatever lack or limitation may lie in our individual bodies. It is an intense but rewarding way to live, and we are on our way to create more immortal prosperity than we ever dreamed possible.