Physical immortality is one crazy ride.  There is always something to anticipate and enjoy when living with wild and crazy immortals! If you could put a video camera on each one of us I'm sure people would get tired just watching us run around doing all the things we love to do to maintain our immortal bodies in total joy, health and prosperity.

People Unlimited Charities Womanless Pageant

Last weekend our gorgeous deathless men treated us all to a lavish evening of outrageous sexy fun and laughter as they paraded up and down the cat-walk for their once-a-year breakout night of talent in dresses, swimsuits and of course the infamous 5" heels in the Womanless Pageant. They tell us it's because of People Unlimited Charities that they do this, but I suspect they all enjoy their journey into the female psyche a little more than they might have you believe! The opportunity to play dress up, get manicures and pedicures and paint themselves with colorful makeup that they were all denied as little boys is just too good to pass up…and we all adore them for it.

In fact, the crowd was blown away with such an exhibition of sexy bodies, fashion, talent and humor that we were left hungry for more.Unfortunately we have to wait until 2013 for the next performance, but in the meantime we still have all our beautiful immortal men to enjoy every day with their pants on and their facial hair intact! I am crazy in love with each one of them, and all the others who didn't feel to expose themselves in such a vulnerable fashion, even though immortals make the most loudly appreciative audience on the planet.

To the credit of all the participants, including all the female counterparts who helped transform the guys and the hard-working production crew, as well as everyone who donated money and bought tickets, the show raised lots of money for the charity and we all came away richer for the experience.Thank you to everyone who created such a wonderful spectacle for us to enjoy, and to our magnificent directors Jim and Bernie for their huge vision to go beyond themselves to extend their warmth and immortality to the world by their outreach programs. That is after all what being physically immortal is all about... helping people to live greater than they ever dreamed possible.

This is what physical immortality is about.