Our weekend event just ended today. I experienced innumerable feelings and emotions.

Every time we get together in our meetings, Bernie, Jim, and Chuck take us to the best places we can go in ourselves and with each other. To me they are like these great conductors and we are the orchestra, they mark the time and signals how we need to play, and together we create a fantastic symphony, our immortal life together.

On Friday night, Bernie said she wanted to talk about sex, and for the first time in a long time I felt excited about that subject. I didn’t feel any self pressure, I didn’t have to pretend, perform or show something I am not in reference to sex and relationship, (I mean in love relationship), hallelujah! . So I enjoyed everything that happened this weekend, it doesn’t mean I wasn’t absolutely honest with myself. The past doesn’t matter, today, I am a new human being and my intention is to keep going for a newness of my person, not just in sex and intimacy but in every aspect of my life.

Ever since I was touched during the Summer Event I’ve been smashing all of my images, specially the ones about myself , they are very destructive, so I feel very definitive about getting rid of them.

I am experiencing a freshness of my person, and I like it a lot. I am becoming a different individual, I love it, it feels so good, I wake up in the morning and I say to myself YES, I am on the right track with the right people.