Last week we had our 2009 Summer Event. It was an exciting and life-changing experience for me. We had people from out of state visiting us. Michelle, Don, Dan, Valerie, Jeanne, and Jeff came from the East Coast (Bernie, Jim, and Chuck’s trips to NY paid off!!); they added richness and new flavors to our togetherness. Thank you all for coming. I am looking forward to having more with you.

This week I was mentally building what I call my physical immortal résumé. Since moving to the United States 13 years ago, I have participated in seven convergences (that’s what we called our week long events), one in Tel Aviv, 13 Summer Events, 12 Winter Events and innumerable weekly events for 13 years (I moved to the States in 1996). Quite an experience!
It was during this recent event that I was deeply faced with my own genetics, the genetics I carry in my daily living which prevents me from being the unlimited person I really am. I was touched directly and indirectly, but in the end, thoroughly touched. I appreciate very much that I gave myself the opportunity to be vulnerable with Bernie, Jim, Joe, and Kevin. The impact of their individual touches broke me into many pieces, giving me the opportunity to reconstruct myself into a greater immortal person.

I am not afraid to have my nervous system shattered over and over if it means letting go of the old and dysfunctional personalities that not longer serve me, actually limit me in so many ways. I am ready for a new start in every way. It is very exciting! I will never be the same person I once was because I keep calling for more from me. I have the more that is needed; which just means expansion for me and for those who share this special way of living with me, a life without the death sentence on my shoulders.

I didn’t commit any crime. I don’t deserve to be punished. I am calling for a glorious life for all of us Physically Immortal People.