When I stand up and say I am physically immortal I experience myself more alive than the moment before. Speaking those words impacts my body, and my 'body' is me. There really is no separation. Saying that I am never going to die in front of other people who feel the same way, or even to people who don't feel that way, electrifies my skin, stimulates my mind, boosts my happiness, deepens my passion for life and for other people and gives me new energy. Energy that takes me into the next moment, and into the evening, deep into sleep, and on waking, into the world where I am to act, enjoy, focus, empathize, generate joy for myself and as much as possible, those around me, be careful with what I eat, drink, expend, say, wish for and think.

Physical Immortality are two of the most potent words in my vocabulary. I love them. I find them attractive and full of energy, they take me to you and to places I never dreamed I'd ever get to, or even want.

More than anything, physical immortality is that deep feeling of knowing I am a person who will outlive aging, disease and death. None of these experiences intimidate me. I know there will always be more to do to keep myself at optimum health with that strong, unbreakable desire to live and live free. I am bonded with other people who want this life. We walk together and when we are in each others' presence, we experience what we call a 'melting', a surrender if you like, to each other's smile, physicality, adoration and desire. We know we are the same people, the same species, one body of people moving for the only answer to all of human beings' torment and pain.
Ending death and separation is the core of physical immortality, its substance, the anchor that grounds us in our flesh and allows us to express and feel and think and move, creating the environment we want and need to stay alive.