As I read Injy's blog I felt so inspired, I love the way she writes and expresses about our life. I have always felt she is physically immortal. She so clearly described our physically immortal life, and of course, there is always more. We need an environment that not only helps us thrive in every area of our lives but one that holds us alive. There has to be a flow amongst each other because that is where the nourishment comes from. That is where I find the warmth, the passion, and the strength that we have lately been expressing about. We can be firm and warm at the same time. We can stop death in its tracks with such a passion for the person - you see, death comes from people, it doesn't come from external forces, and death resides in people. It has been there thousands of years, owning its domain which is the human body. No wonder why there is so much resistance to the human body, the greatest design of all.

Death can't stand real togetherness; it is fed by the separation of the body, bodies meaning people. Warmth keeps us together. Death is cold. Warmth is sweet and allows me to face anything not complementary to my being without the hardship towards myself. Wanting you as a physically immortal being is warm; it is like you are home. Strength makes us unshakable, as Jim once said; there is no door for death to come into my body. I am unshakable, nothing can make me tremble, death is all around but as I wrote last time, I am not of it, never have been. Being deathless is so attractive. We are building an environment that is warm, passionate, unshakable, nourishing, responsive, fearless, secure, incorruptible, clear, clean, and direct! This is how we keep getting better and better, this is my environment, in me and among all of us.