Reading Ana's blog just now I knew immediately what I wanted to write about - how much I treasure Ana. I love her beyond love - I feel her, I know who she is. As she herself expressed so potently and passionately last night in our event, we are the same. We are very different personalities, we come from different countries, but our soul is the same - we are immortal women together in this world. We share a bond that is stronger than death. We are true to each other, we are true to ourselves, we are true to our people. We change together and we always will.

I will never have another Ana no matter how many people I meet. When I think of her, she evokes a distinct set of feelings in me and I cherish her. I can read her blog and recognize that Ana wrote it before I see her name at the bottom. I love that. That is what I mean by knowing her, not in the sense that she is predictable, but that her movement is imprinted with her unique style that just makes it so "Ana", like a designer label.

Ana is strong, brave, passionate, definite, clear, loud and uncompromising. I am crazy about women who have something real and in-depth to say in this world who can deliver it with gusto, and Ana is definitely one! She goes for what she wants consistently without giving up, even when she doesn't see the results she would like, she just keeps moving more. She is fiercely devoted to those she holds dear, and extremely generous and giving of herself. She is hard-working, committed and dedicated, and she loves to manifest money! She has great purpose in moving with the money she makes. With all of this she is also melted, open, willing to listen to others, ready to let go and change in a moment. She has no ego in how she manifests herself because she is busy enjoying all of us. I am overjoyed that she let go of the child inside that experienced pain and abuse so she could live free today. I am proud of her. I could go on, there is a book of Ana to be read in knowing her, but I think it is obvious that she is a potent person in this world who is making a difference, to me, and to anyone who will let her. She is an inspiration and I am grateful to have this opportunity to share her with you.