Sometimes I sit and remember my past and realize how amazing it is that I have at last honored who I really am and am going for that, every day. What does this mean exactly? For me, it is the era of the flesh- the power of the body, not of a God, a higher power or the universe but of the human body. That is what I experience now that I have completely let go of that child that Joe wrote about.
Oh, to have no past and no remembrance of the abuse of that body.
Being with everyone as physically immortal, I have nourished who I am, I have tapped into my own potency. See, the fear of my greatness is gone. It is our intention to let go of all those stories, all those layers of the lies of death that want to keep you in a box, afraid, and doubting your gut feelings.
I can go with my feelings forever, I can trust them. I can rest in them. I can rest in the words of others, in their bodies. Together, we continuously create a larger and more intense world.
The moment I experienced my potency, I knew I’d crossed over. I heard the world without death celebrating cheers of joy!