The feeling of excitement as we prepare for a Physical Immortality out of state event is incredible. There is a certain stirring in the body that I only experience in those times. And then, the event.... So much, there is always so much we experience all of us together, because there we are, completely exposing ourselves in such a raw manner, I love it! And then, we come back home. I always feel a rest in my body as I am flying back to Phoenix. This time was a little bit different.

I felt a very deep connection with all my deathless people. In that connection I felt my own deathlessness. I felt the hunger that I always had for this life and for recognizing myself for who I was. I feel so surrendered as a physically immortal person. I am so present, so in touch. It is so right to have gone for what I felt deep in my guts and not even pay attention to voices trying to stop that which was impossible to stop.

Today, I feel I have nothing to do with death and all its sneaky and dirty ways it uses to move around. Death has its own world and I am not of it. Never been. Things are going to be easier and easier for all of us. My purpose is clear, no death in our bodies. Be consistent, keep yourself focused, feel the joy of living, feel the rest in being home, feel the passion for others, go deep with your feelings, keep it simple, love money, honor who you are, be grateful.