I can second that Joe. One of the most beautiful and touching things in the world is to experience people waking up to immortality, to be with them as new life rushes in and they start to glimpse a whole new world, full of possibilities they have never even imagined before. I love to see people's faces and bodies take on a new glow as their darkness diminishes. I find myself watching new people, giving to them, searching them for signs of excitement, of recognition, of willingness. Are they going to open up? It is exciting. A light appears in their eyes, you can see the thoughts and questions rushing around in their brains, new connections being made, doubts and barriers melting away as the warmth and honesty of immortal bodies begins to penetrate the armor. I feel them as they are being stirred and challenged by sounds that they have never heard before. The realness has a way of demanding movement of some kind, either towards us or away from us. Not everyone likes that of course - some run away to keep their belief systems intact - but for me there is an unmistakeable rush when a person feels the invitation to wake up and responds with joy and recognition. I am lit up when I hear them say they have felt this way all their lives, or when I see the smiles reach their eyes as they start to laugh with surprise and wonder. Everyone that responds to their immortality is unique and touches me in a way I have never been touched before. I love them instantly, I do not have to get to know them. A new part of me comes alive. I feel happier, richer, freer. I have a new person in my life forever - I will never be the same again.

Now I wish I were going to New York too. I resolve to make more money so I can go in the future. I must never forget that hunger to find more people like us. I must move everything out of my way now to find more of my kind, just like I did when I first heard the sound. I felt an undeniable biological urge to clear everything out of my way until I could be with my people again, this time never to leave. After all the traveling and searching, my journey was over. I was home. My life could begin new. I remember distinctly what it felt like the first time I came face to face with my destiny and discovered that it was literally faces, the beautiful faces of the immortal people who said they would never leave me, and in my heart I knew it was true. For me it was an unexpected and powerful wake-up. I thought I would find more wisdom, maybe myself in a deeper way, but I never dreamed that what I was looking for was people. I didn't like people much. Who knew? Immortals are different - what can I say, a new species, more wonderful than you can imagine. I feel sad for people who haven't come face to face yet. If anyone out there is reading this, I can only stir you to give yourself the chance to find out what I am talking about. I wish that for everyone in the world.

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