I'm excited about our upcoming event in New York City on April 4th and 5th. It will be great to see some familiar faces there but also to meet new people who are interested in our life. It's a really unique feeling to travel somewhere for the purpose of participating in an event on immortality. It sort of strips you of all the other things you do and are in your life and causes you to stand for being immortal and nothing else. It's not work and it's not vacation. It really makes me confront who I am in a different way.

This year the theme is Get Real about Your Immortality. Our asumption is that everyone relies on some concept of immortality to maintain their sanity. The only difference is that we couldn't simply live with an abstract story of immortality, we needed the real thing. We are looking for other people who feel this way. That's what this event is all about. There's nothing more exciting than seeing someone literally wake up out of death. It's incredible for them and for us.