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NY Event

Don't miss the opportunity to Get Real about Your Immortality

Bernie and Jim are in New York!!! I am very excited about it! Because more people will have the opportunity to see them, hear from them, and experience their unlimited passion for people who want to stay here alive, and forever. I will be supporting our expansion from Scottsdale calling people who are interested in meeting them in the New York event on April 4th and 5th. What a great experience, don’t miss this lifetime opportunity; I can assure you your life will change for the BEST!! You also will have the chance to meet other immortals from Scottsdale, wonderful, beautiful people!!

I had the fortune to meet Bernie, Jim, and Chuck in one of their trips to Caracas in 1991, so far it has been the greatest experience of my life, five years later I moved to beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona which allowed me to participate actively in our community of physical immortal people. I am so happy I am part of it, and I want more people who want to live and share this unlimited life with all of us. Come and join us!!!!