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People Unlimited founder Bernadeane talks about being a woman in the super longevity movement

As People Unlimited founder, I am redefining myself for an unlimited future. Women have been under a lot of scrutiny in the news recently with the “Me Too” movement, and it’s important for women to speak out and raise awareness. But my work as People Unlimited founder has shown me that in this new era of unlimited lifespans we need to push the boundaries even further in adopting new attitudes if we expect to change the accepted norms.

Much is expected from women these days. They typically have to fulfill the traditional female roles – daughter, girlfriend, wife, mother, grandmother -- as well as competing with men in the workplace, where they still face archaic prejudices. As People Unlimited founder, I see how important it is for women involved in super longevity to free themselves from being trapped in the roles of traditional womanhood as well as the new “super woman” role.   

It is not fun to think of playing the female roles forever. It is not only very stressful, but very confining. We need a lot of energy to break the aging barrier, and a great deal of life energy is bound up in fulfilling family obligations. Women often have the tendency to sacrifice their own needs to take care of others, or to pour all their hopes and dreams into their children. But with super longevity comes the realization that we can take charge of our own fulfillment in a very profound way.

Super longevity is a very expansive lifestyle which recognizes the unique value of each person, eliminating the need for competition between the sexes or for women to have to prove their worth through self-sacrifice. We can live with respect and caring for all.  In my work as People Unlimited founder, I speak on these topics and encourage women to back themselves up and to not look to a man to support them. I urge women to break out of the limitations they have inherited and go for more joy in their lives.

Many people see me to be a strong woman, and I do take strong stands against aging and death. However, I think what people often define as strength in me is really urgency, passion and energy. I know what I want and where I’m going, and I’m not afraid to say what I feel.  I have my own business and my own purpose in life, and I’m not asking anyone’s permission to be who I am or do what I want to do.

Today I find I am no longer defined by being a woman, any more than I am defined by my age or any other characteristic. I am a person who is here to stay and one of my goals as founder of People Unlimited is to bring together more people all over the world who want to live free of death. It is truly an exciting time to be alive!


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