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People Unlimited founder Bernadeane speaks on ageless lifestyle

It has been over 50 years since I first heard about physical immortality and I’ve been modifying the way I live ever since. Each decade brings different changes, and signals about the way things are supposed to be and how you should live. Many of these are extremely limiting. These messages come from within our own form as well as from the commonly held beliefs of society around us. To live an ageless lifestyle, we have to transcend these messages of limitation. I like to speak on this topic in my work as People Unlimited founder and to help people make fundamental changes to their mindset and consequently to actions and lifestyle choices.

There are so many things people attribute to aging that I believe are not aging but are the result of repetition of bad habits over time. I think as longevity activists we need to redefine our ideas about time and our attitude to be here longer. For example, many people define aging as how you look and how many wrinkles you have. I do not measure myself by wrinkles but by how alive and energetic I feel. I reject the label of ‘old’. I believe it’s possible to feel better each day if we are willing to take actions to make that happen. As People Unlimited founder, I urge people to let go of the inevitability of aging and encourage them to take charge of their ageless lifestyle.

Changes are needed in all areas of living, including how we dress. We need not date ourselves by getting stuck in old styles. I personally love to keep up with fashion, but not every trend suits me. We can all dress according to the way we feel in a way that is complementary to our individual style. I think it’s refreshing to interact with as many people as possible from all age-groups, not just our peer-groups.  Being with like-minded people who are also practicing an ageless lifestyle is priceless.  That’s why as People Unlimited founder, we have created an environment of interaction where we are constantly learning new things, keeping up with scientific advancements, being proactive about our health, and using the age reversal modalities and technologies as they become available.

Physical movement is vital to an ageless lifestyle; exercising, staying flexible, paying attention to our posture. If we take immediate action when we see something not functioning well and build up the weak areas, we don’t have to go ‘downhill’. Sometimes these are simple things, but they can have profound results in preventing aging. For example, I started noticing in my work as People Unlimited founder that I was finding it difficult to step up and down from the stage in my heels without someone holding my arm. I worked on my strength more in the gym and now I don’t have that issue.  We must be aware not to categorize any symptoms we might be experiencing as aging. If I had done that when I was having pain in all my joints, I would not have been open for such a simple solution as stopping sugar, which completely relieved my pain.

As People Unlimited founder, I am busy planning for my future, not my death. I’m in my 8th decade now and according to common belief that’s a long time, but I feel I’m just getting started. I have everything to look forward to and I’m enjoying every minute of my ageless lifestyle.


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